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How to find the best Wedding Rings

Wedding rings may not be very big but they are possibly one of the more important purchases associated with planning your wedding.

After all, your wedding ring will be centre-stage at the very moment you make your vows to one another, and it will be on your finger twenty four hours a day, seven days a week for the rest of your Life! Long after the wedding cake has been eaten and the wedding dress has been stored away, never to be worn again, your ring will be there on your hand, in front of you all the time! – You really need to make sure that the ring you choose will be perfect for you!

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Unusual wedding rings

For a ring that is just a bit different to other wedding rings you have seen you need to go to a jeweller that caters for individuals rather than the mass-market. For jewellery manufacturers it’s all about numbers. They come up with designs that they think will appeal to as many people as possible so they can be sold in as many outlets as possible to as many people as possible. For an unusual wedding ring you need to find a jeweller that creates rings to individual requirements.

Custom made wedding rings

A wedding is an opportunity for the bride and groom to show their individuality. Most couples want their Big Day to be different to other weddings they have been to. Whether it’s the dress, the cake, or the invitations, people like to express their personality in the details of the day and to “wow” their guests. – It is no different with the wedding rings. Having a ring designed and made to your requirements means you won’t see anyone else with a ring exactly like yours.

When you commission a bespoke wedding ring you are buying something that does not exist yet. By definition, a bespoke item is created just for you, to your individual requirements.

Rather than looking for your ideal ring, which may not exist, look for the jeweller who can create the perfect ring for you.

If you wanted a bespoke suit you would find a tailor whose work you like and allow him lead you through the design process in order to arrive at the perfect suit for you. – It’s just the same when you commission a bespoke wedding ring.

If you are trying to find your perfect ring in a tray of samples what you are doing is buying off-the shelf. – By all means look at selections of rings to get some ideas.  – It is a good way to get some initial ideas. Look for elements that appeal to you and incorporate them into your design.

Handmade wedding rings

If you feel that your wedding ring is important and should feel special and personal to you, why not consider a handmade wedding ring? Most wedding rings on offer are mass-produced in factories. However, when you opt for a handmade wedding ring, it is individually created just for you by a highly-skilled goldsmith.

Bespoke Wedding Rings from Aurum jewellers

Aurum designer-jewellers in Worthing, West Sussex specialises in creating bespoke wedding rings and engagement rings. We attract clients not just from West Sussex and East Sussex, but also from the all over the Southeast, including London and across the entire UK.  – See Bespoke Wedding Rings

Sussex wedding ring designers

Aurum designer-jewellers is a bespoke jewellery business based in Worthing, West Sussex. Since 1985 we have been designing and making unique wedding rings for individual clients, many of whom travel from all over the UK to see us. Every year we attend many Wedding Fairs in East and West Sussex and the surrounding Counties of Surrey and Hampshire.  See Wedding Rings Sussex

Unique wedding rings

When you have your wedding ring designed and made just for you it will be unique. It might just be a minor variation on a straightforward design, or it could be a completely original idea out of your own imagination. The point is that it is made for you, exactly how you want it.

Wedding Ring Makers

As bespoke jewellers we make a lot of wedding rings. In our on-site workshop we hand-craft unique rings in platinum, gold, and palladium. The method of production varies according to the design and the material we are using. Most of our wedding rings are made using traditional goldsmithing techniques. A goldsmith uses basic hand tools including pliers, hammers and files to work the metal into the desired shape.

Choosing the metal for your wedding ring

Probably the most important thing to consider when shopping for wedding rings is choosing the best metal for you.
Traditionally wedding rings are made of a precious metal. This used to mean a choice of either gold, which comes in various purities and colours, or platinum. Silver is classed as a precious metal but is generally considered to be unsuitable for weddings rings as it is very soft. These days you also have the option of palladium, and even non-precious metals such as titanium.

When considering which metal to opt for, you should be influenced not just by your personal style, but also by practical factors such as durability and suitability to your lifestyle. Someone who does a manual job, or whose hobbies involve contact with hard and abrasive materials, is likely to do considerable damage to rings made from softer metals.
First you should decide which colour you prefer. – You might like to try on rings in different metals to see which best suits your skin tone or matches the other jewellery you wear.

If you prefer yellow or red metal you’ll be looking at one of the gold alloys, but if you prefer white metal you have a wider range to choose from. You could consider white gold, platinum, palladium or Titanium.

Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum is the premium white metal. It is the rarest of the precious metals and is, therefore, the most expensive.
Platinum is very tough and hardwearing, making it a good choice for a wedding ring. Unlike white gold, platinum is naturally white so it does not require rhodium-plating, and it will not change colour over time. Platinum is very dense, giving it a luxurious weighty feel. Platinum is hypoallergenic so will not cause skin problems.
When it is combined with other metals such as yellow gold or rose gold, the clean white colour of platinum gives a great contrast.

Palladium Wedding Rings

Palladium is one of the ‘platinum group’ metals and shares some properties of platinum itself but is a cheaper alternative.
It a tough metal like platinum, it is naturally white in colour, so doesn’t need plating.
Palladium comes in two purity grades: 950/1000 and 500/1000.

Gold Wedding Rings

18ct yellow gold:
18ct gold is made by alloying 75% pure gold with silver and copper. It has a warm yellow colour.

9ct yellow gold:
9ct gold contains half as much pure gold as 18ct, so it has a paler less-rich colour than 18ct yellow gold. It is sometimes prone to tarnishing because of the high base-metal content.

18ct white gold:
White gold was developed to provide a cheaper alternative to platinum. 18ct white gold is made by alloying 75% pure gold with other metals, which results in a yellowish off-white tint which is normally disguised by plating with rhodium. This gives it a cleaner white appearance. Unfortunately, the plating wears away over time, revealing the true colour of the white gold underneath, so a white gold ring will need to be regularly re-plated to maintain the colour.
18ct white gold is softer and less hardwearing than both platinum and palladium.

9ct white gold:
With a creamy white colour 9ct white is usually rhodium-plated to look white (using the same process as with 18ct white gold.)
9ct white gold is softer than 18ct white because it is alloyed with silver rather than palladium.

18ct red gold:
It is a warm red colour with hints of yellow, containing 75% gold mixed with copper. This results in a rich colour with a warm coppery tint.

9ct red gold:
Made from 37.5% pure gold mixed with a large percentage of copper, 9ct red gold is a tough alloy with a strong coppery colour.

Titanium is not a precious metal, so is relatively inexpensive. It is extremely lightweight, tough and hard wearing. This may suit someone who has a very active lifestyle or a heavy manual job. It is a white metal but has a strong greyish tinge. A disadvantage of titanium is that it is not possible to re-size a ring if your finger changes size and it cannot be cut off.

If your wedding ring will be worn alongside an engagement ring, it is best if both rings are made in the same metal to avoid a tougher metal wearing a softer one. It will also mean that the colours of the two rings will match perfectly.

The type of metal you choose is one of the main factors determining the price of a ring.  All precious metals are sold by weight so the dimensions of the ring will have a big effect on price. The heavier it is the more it will cost.

Fitted Wedding Rings

Some engagement rings don’t work well with a straight wedding ring. A fitted wedding ring follows the shape of your engagement ring, swerving around any protrusions and eliminating gaps between the two rings. With no gaps between the fitted wedding ring and the engagement ring, you’ll find the overall effect is more elegant and more comfortable. This style of wedding ring limits the scope of movement between the two rings, reducing friction, and resulting in less wear-and-tear to both rings.  See Fitted Wedding Rings

Men’s Wedding Rings

For many men their wedding ring is their first piece of jewellery. Some want it to be as plain as possible whilst others relish the opportunity for a little bit of self-expression. The only difference between a man’s wedding ring and a lady’s wedding ring is the dimensions. Men tend to have bigger fingers and want a wider band. – See Men’s Wedding Rings

Plain Wedding Rings

For earlier generations all wedding rings were plain gold bands.  These days there is a far greater choice of designs available but the plain wedding ring is still a popular choice.

If you are one of those people for whom “Less is More”, you will probably feel more comfortable with the simplicity of a plain band. If you are not trying to make a design statement and are more interested in the symbolism behind it, a classic plain band could be the right choice for you.

You might opt for a plain wedding ring because it is a traditional style that will never date.

A lady’s wedding ring should complement her engagement ring. If the style of your engagement ring is quite simple you will want a wedding ring that is equally simple and will not overpower it. This is why for many women a plain band is the perfect choice.

Someone who has never thought much about wedding rings might think that plain bands are all virtually the same. – If fact, there are many possible variations, and choices to be made if you want to complement your engagement ring perfectly. If you go for a bespoke wedding ring it will be unique to you, even if it is a plain band.

Men, especially those not used to wearing jewellery, often prefer plain wedding rings with a matte finish.

Did you know that many of the plain wedding bands sold on the High Street and online are cut off a tube and polished by a machine? We think your wedding deserves wedding rings individually handmade by skilled goldsmith to last a lifetime. See Plain Wedding Rings

Diamond Wedding Rings

If you are someone who loves bling a wedding ring without diamonds would be just too plain!
When we create a bespoke diamond wedding ring that will be worn next to an engagement ring, we can select diamonds to match the cut, colour and clarity of diamonds in the client’s engagement ring, so the two rings complement each other perfectly, and one does not outshine the other.
There are different methods of setting diamonds. Claw-setting is not really suitable for a wedding ring as claws can catch on clothing.
If you want maximum bling you might prefer pavé setting. The diamonds are set close together and held in place by tiny grains that are raised out of the surrounding metal. It can be difficult to make out the individual stones because the metal between them appears almost as sparkly as the diamonds.

For a more subtle effect you could consider flush-set or gypsy-set diamonds. This is where the diamond is held in place by burnishing the surrounding metal over the edge of the diamond. The stones can be set further apart so the effect is less “glitzy”.
For someone whose job does not allow an engagement ring to be worn, a diamond-set wedding ring can be a good alternative. Diamonds that are set directly into the band don’t have raised settings so they can be as easy to wear as a plain wedding ring. A band with flush-set diamonds feels smooth and won’t snag on clothing etc.

Men’s diamond wedding rings are becoming increasingly popular. Some of them feature just one or two tiny diamonds, but if it suits his style a man’s wedding ring can be totally encrusted with diamonds. – See Diamond Wedding Rings

Luxury Wedding Rings

For anyone who is not constrained by a tight budget, a wedding ring can be made from the best materials, with no need to compromise or cut corners. Because of its density, Platinum has a satisfyingly hefty feel when compared with palladium or white gold. If the cost of labour is not an issue it is possible to make some beautiful and interesting designs that you would never see in an average high street jewellers shop. If you want luxury, a  wedding ring that is designed and handmade just for you offers real exclusivity.  If you buy a wedding ring from a well known luxury jewellery brand it will be just one of countless identical rings.  A handmade wedding ring is  unique, but because it can be made to fit your pocket it is an affordable luxury.

Wedding Ring Makers

If you have an idea for a wedding ring but you just can’t find what you are looking for, a skilled goldsmith can create it for you.
You can be involved at every stage, bringing to life your very own design.  At Aurum designer-jewellers we work with you, listening to your ideas, offering suggestions and expert advice, inspiration and ideas for your own unique design. The first step is to book a consultation with one of the goldsmiths from our on-site workshop.

How to choose your wedding ring

There is a bewildering choice of wedding rings out there. If you don’t know where to begin, think of it in the following stages.

1. The profile or cross-section
Broadly speaking, there are just a few basic profiles.
Flat wedding rings are flat inside and outside with flat edges, something like a piece of tube.
D-shaped bands are flat inside with a curved outside, giving a cross-section like a capital D.
Court wedding rings have curved inside and outside surfaces.
Flat court wedding rings are curved on the inside but the outside is flat, giving the appearance of a flat band combined with the comfort of a court ring. A rounded inside makes the ring more comfortable to wear and to take on or off.
A bespoke band can have a custom profile. It can be a variation on one of the basic profiles or something completely different.

2. Width
When choosing how wide it should be you might want to match the width of the engagement ring or you might prefer to go a little wider. Ideally, the depth should be the same, so that the two rings are at the same level, and one band is not higher than the other. Choosing a profile that is matches that of the engagement ring will make the two rings look like they really belong together. You might not find a standard wedding ring that is exactly what you need but we could create a unique plain wedding ring that is perfect for you. Some people think that bespoke wedding rings can’t be plain. In fact, many of the bespoke wedding rings we make are perfectly plain bands. The difference is that where most plain wedding rings are mass-produced in standard specifications. Generally there will be some choice of width. You might be able to choose between say, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm. With a bespoke ring, however you, the customer, have control over every aspect of the design, and if you want it. If you want the width to be say, 4.5mm or 5.3mm we offer widths to the nearest one tenth of a millimetre.

3. Depth
It is important to consider depth of wedding ring that is most suitable for you. A wedding ring will need to be deep enough to hold its shape. A ring that is too shallow will not stay round. Someone with an active lifestyle or a manual job will need their ring to be deep enough to stand up to the treatment it will receive.
If it is going next to an engagement ring it generally makes sense for the wedding ring to have the same depth.

4. Pattern
The criteria above are for a basic plain band. If you want something with more design this is just the start. This is where it gets interesting! There are endless possibilities. One of our goldsmiths would be delighted to talk to you about some of them.

Design your own wedding rings

If you commission a bespoke wedding ring you are in control. This is your chance to have an input into the design process. It all starts with a design-consultation. You don’t need to be an artist. You just need to be able to describe what you have in mind. Some people will arrive with a clear mental image of their ideal wedding ring, but this is not necessary. You might have some vague of ideas in your mind we’ll start by listening to these. Many people have no ideas at all. The job of the jewellery designer is to find out about you. Starting with a blank canvas, we’ll ask questions that will help us to understand the factors that will be important in creating your perfect wedding ring. Over the course of the meeting together build a detailed picture which will become transformed into your own personal design. Even if you start out with no idea as to what you want, our goldsmith will offer lots of suggestions for you to consider. Starting from a totally blank canvas the design will gradually take shape as you make lots of small decisions. Once the precise specifications are decided upon you have designed your own ring! At this point we’ll have all the details we need to calculate a price for you. If you decide to proceed your wedding ring will be created just for you in our on-site workshop. – See Design Your Own Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings made from your own gold

If you have some jewellery with sentimental value to you, but that you never wear,  it could be used to make your wedding rings.  Maybe you have inherited some gold items from a family member and don’t know what to do with them. The metal is melted down and re-worked to make a brand new wedding ring that retains the sentimental value.


If you have an idea for a wedding ring but you just can’t find what you are looking for, that’s where we can help. We don’t sell standard designs, we create the ring you are looking for.

We offer a free design consultation at our showroom where you deal direct with one of the goldsmiths from our on-site workshop.
It doesn’t matter whether you arrive with a clear idea in mind or whether you are in need of inspiration.
You can have as much creative input as you wish in the design process. We work with you, listening to your ideas, offering as many suggestions and as much expert advice as you need.

The first step is to book a consultation. – Just give us a call!

See Book a Consultation

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