Men’s Wedding Rings


If you compare men’s wedding rings with women’s there is often not too much difference apart from the dimesions. A man’s wedding ring tends to be wider than a women’s ring because, on average, men have larger fingers than women.  Also, because women usually have an engagement ring, they have less room on their finger for the wedding ring.  With larger fingers and more room, men tend to favour wider bands.

When it comes to wedding rings, we believe that everyone, regardless of gender, should have the ring that’s perfect for them. Whatever wedding ring you choose, you’ll be wearing it for a long time, so it’s important that  you make the right choice. Your ring should suit your taste and your lifestyle.

Bespoke wedding rings

When you opt for a bespoke men’s wedding ring the possibilities are endless.  At Aurum Jewellers, whether you want something fairly traditional and conventional, or want to express your personality with a wedding ring that is very different, we can help you create a unique wedding ring that’s perfect for you.

How to choose a man’s wedding ring

For a lot of men, their wedding ring is the first piece of jewellery they own. If you are one of these men, it is likely that you have never  given a thought to jewellery. You might be unsure of what you’re looking for and you might find the wide range of rings that are available a bit bewildering.  Do you know what sorts of styles your prefer or what suits you? Our experience has shown us that when looking at a wedding ring on their hand for the first time, many men think it  looks strange.  If you have never seen a ring on your hand before it is going to look alien at first.

Don’t be put off! Keep looking at different styles of rings until you see something you like. Take a look at the wedding rings that your friends and family members wear. Take a note of how they look and try to work out what you like or dislike about them.  This should give you some pointers regarding the types of metal and the widths of band that appeal to you, and will give you a starting point for thinking about your own ring.  We find that many men, once they start to explore the subject, get into the whole process!

Men’s wedding rings sometimes need to be stronger

Whilst this is a generalisation, men’s wedding rings and jewellery does tend to be subject to harder wear than women’s jewellery. When choosing your bespoke male wedding ring, it’s important to take your lifestyle into account. If you do a manual job you should bear this in mind when choosing your ring. Even if you work in an office you might undertake activities in your spare time that could damage a wedding ring.  In some occupations wearing a ring presents a danger of some sort in the work environment. If this is the case you might decide only to wear your ring at weekends, or when you go out. In some jobs it is safe to wear a ring to work, but you are likely to subject it to heavy wear. You should take this into consideration when choosing your ring.

Choosing the best material for men’s wedding rings

Wedding rings are made in various materials, they each have different properties that will either make them more or less suitable for your lifestyle. Traditionally wedding rings are made from precious metals, this includes Gold or Platinum as Silver is considered too soft for wedding rings. More recently, palladium, another precious metal has become very popular, especially for men’s wedding rings.

At Aurum jewellers we create men’s wedding rings in a variety of materials.

Men’s platinum wedding rings

Platinum is one of the rarest of the precious metals and is, therefore, the most expensive. Unlike white gold, platinum is naturally white so it requires no plating. It is a very tough and hard-wearing metal, making it very suitable for men’s wedding rings

Men’s palladium wedding rings

Palladium is one of the ‘platinum group’ metals. It shares many properties of platinum itself but is less dense, so lighter in weight. cheaper alternative. It comes two purity grades: 950/1000 pure known as 950 Palladium and 500/1000 pure,  or 500 Palladium. Palladium is less tough than platinum, but much tougher than white gold. It is naturally white in colour like platinum, so doesn’t need plating.

Men’s gold wedding rings

Gold comes in four different purities and in different shades. 18ct yellow gold is the most popular for wedding rings as it combines a good depth of colour with durability. 18ct red gold contains more copper giving it a reddish tinge. 18ct white gold has an off-white or greyish colour, and is usually rhodium-plated to make it appear whiter. This wears off quite quickly, especially on men’s wedding rings. Some men like the darker colour of un-plated white gold, so this overcomes the problem of plating wearing off. We can also offer unusual tones of gold. Blush gold  is a subtle shade that falls somewhere between red and yellow gold. Champagne gold has a slightly green tinge. The different golds can be used on their own, or combined in mant different ways.

Men’s titanium wedding rings

Titanium is not a precious metal, but has become a popular option for men’s wedding rings. It is dark grey and very tough, making it suitable for someone with a manual job. It is also very lightweight. A disadvantage is that it is not usually possible to re-size if your finger-size changes.

Custom made men’s wedding rings

Our custom-made men’s wedding rings are a big part of what we do. When you go bespoke rather than off-the-shelf you can have a hand in the design of a ring that is unique to you. It can be as simple or as complex as you wish. When you choose Aurum jewellers, you’re involved in the design process and our skilled jewellers will help you achieve a special and unique wedding ring, designed and made just for you. We also offer free design-consultations with one of our Goldsmiths at out showroom in Worthing, West Sussex. For more information and to see our Wedding Ring categories click here .

We have crafted a number of bespoke rings for clients, both male and female, over the years. So if you are think that your wedding ring will be exposed to a lot of heavy wear, you might like to steer clear of the plainer finishes and go for something with a more rugged texture that will tend to disguise any dents and scuffs.

For bespoke men’s wedding rings in Sussex and the UK, call Aurum Jewellers today!

At Aurum Jewellers, we provide a selection of bespoke and custom wedding rings across the UK. If you would like to find out more about men’s wedding rings please call our team on 01903207944.


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