Bespoke Wedding Rings<br>Sussex Bespoke Wedding Rings<br>Sussex Bespoke Wedding Rings<br>Sussex Bespoke Wedding Rings<br>Sussex Bespoke Wedding Rings<br>Sussex Bespoke Wedding Rings<br>Sussex Bespoke Wedding Rings<br>Sussex

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Bespoke Wedding Rings Sussex

If you are looking for bespoke wedding rings in Sussex you are in the right place!

Since 1985 we have specialised in creating bespoke wedding rings, engagement rings and eternity rings in our workshop in West Sussex.

Over the years we have helped thousands of couples from Sussex achieve their perfect wedding rings. We have established a reputation for the quality of our work and we attract clients not just from Sussex and the surrounding counties of Surrey, Kent, Hampshire and London, but from all over the UK and beyond. We are now seeing second generation customers who want their wedding rings made where their parents’ rings were made.


Unlike ordinary retail jewellers, we don’t employ sales staff. Come along for a free design consultation and you’ll deal direct with one of the talented goldsmiths from our workshop. We’ll listen to your ideas and offer as many suggestion and as much advice as you need. Between us we will come up with the perfect design for your unique wedding ring. There is no obligation.

A custom made wedding ring can be surprisingly affordable. As we start from scratch with each commission we are able to work within the budget of each individual customer. Initially we don’t talk about prices. We start by coming up with the design that is perfect for you. Once we know the exact specifications we work can work out a price. If it is outside your budget we ask you at that point to disclose how much you wish to spend. We then know how much we have to save and look at ways of scaling back the design to make it fit the desired budget. It might be a case of using less precious metal or, it there are stones in the design, using smaller and/or fewer stones.

Aurum designer-jewellers is based in Worthing, West Sussex just ten miles along the coast from Brighton. and is the place to go if you are searching for for bespoke wedding rings in Sussex.

Bespoke Wedding Rings Sussex.

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Andrew is the owner and lead designer at Aurum jewellers.

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