Unique contemporary jewellery for any occasion, designed and handmade by Aurum designer-jewellers

Based in Worthing, West Sussex, Aurum jewellers has over 30 years experience specialising in the design of handmade bespoke jewellery for clients all over the world. Whether you are looking for a custom-made engagement ring or a bespoke wedding ring we’ll work with your ideas, we can cater to your needs.


We can turn your ideas for custom-made jewellery into a reality and create exactly what you require. Whether it is a piece for yourself or a gift for someone special, our talented goldsmiths can create the jewellery you are looking for.  We produce bespoke jewellery in Platinum, gold and palladium,  often with  diamonds and other precious gems.

We work closely with each clients and always start by listening carefully to their ideas.  Once we have a clear mental picture of what you wish to achieve we can get to work designing your bespoke piece. It’s extremely important to get things right at this stage before we proceed to actually making your jewellery. For this reason, we won’t rush through the design stage and will spend as long as it takes  to come up with a design that is perfect for you. We will provide you with the personal service you would come to expect from a company that excels in the creation of bespoke jewellery.



The consultation stage is where we will truly discover what it is you want, even if you arrive without a clear idea.

Tell us what you have in mind; whether it’s an engagement ring, wedding ring, eternity ring, dress ring, signet ring, a pendant, earrings, bangle, cufflinks, or even a nose stud or belly-bar, we are always pleased to discuss ideas for any type of handmade jewellery or bespoke piece.

Our highly-skilled goldsmiths have years of experience when it comes to creating custom jewellery. When you come to Aurum jeweller you’ll deal direct with one of our talented goldsmiths, not just a sales-person.   You can be confident that that you’re in the hands of someone who really understands jewellery.  Our craftsmen have the know-how to turn your initial idea into a workable design, and that design into a beautiful piece of jewellery.

In the workshop above our jewellery shop in Worthing, we produce a wide range of handmade jewellery. The majority of our work is created to customers individual requirements and we have provided bespoke pieces to customers not only in Sussex, but throughout the UK and worldwide too. We are dedicated to our craft, and always strive to ensure the jewellery we produce is to the highest standards. We use only the finest quality of precious metals and gemstones in our jewellery.

As designer-jewellers, we love working with our customers to turn their ideas into reality.


Only when we are sure that we are on the same wavelength and understand your exact requirements will we start crafting your jewellery. The intricacy required will ultimately dictate the length of the project. We will agree a time frame for completion of your jewellery.

We design and make all kinds of bespoke handmade jewellery in gold, platinum and palladium. Much of our work features diamonds and other precious stones.  Particularly popular at the moment are our bespoke  diamond wedding rings.

Our experience in designing and making bespoke jewellery and jewellery remodelling has helped us build a great reputation and a large number of regular clients.

If you have an idea for a piece of jewellery that you would like, why not contact our team today? We recommend an initial brief phone call to discuss the basic idea and to make an appointment for a free design-consulation.


Aurum Jewellers specialise mainly in bespoke engagement rings, bespoke wedding rings and bespoke eternity rings but also offer a comprehensive jewellery design service. Whether you are looking to design your own wedding rings or you are shopping for a contemporary engagement ring or fitted wedding ring, Aurum jewellers would be delighted to discuss your requirements.

No matter where you are based, we can design and create the custom jewellery you desire.


You can find details of the Wedding Fairs at which we exhibit examples of our handmade wedding rings.





We can transform your worn-out and broken jewellery items into brand new jewellery you’ll love wearing again.

Jewellery Remodelling

ABOUT AURUM jewellers

 Bespoke jewellery designers since 1985.

When you are commissioning a piece of bespoke handmade jewellery from Aurum jewellers, we aim to make sure that it’s as special as the moment it’s acquired, it’s reassuring to know you are dealing with expert jewellery designers and makers who are passionate about what they do.

Aurum was set up back in 1985 by jewellery designer Andrew Leggett, who still owns and manages the business.

We believe in offering a one-to-one service to our clients, so we don’t employ sales staff. When you come for a design-consultation, it will be with Andrew or another of the highly-skilled goldsmiths from our on-site workshop. If you decide to commission a piece, it will usually be the same goldsmith who will make it for you.

From our Worthing location, our talented jewellers have been creating unique jewellery for clients across Sussex and the rest of the UK for over 30 years. Every item we create is unique in its own special way and we’re renowned for our excellent custom jewellery services, so much so that we frequently provide our bespoke jewellery for customers worldwide.


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