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Jewellery Remodelling –  New items of jewellery made from your own materials.

You may have accumulated or inherited a collection of jewellery that has sentimental value but never gets worn because it is unfashionable, damaged, or just not to your taste. Jewellery remodelling could be the answer! Why not let us redesign those items for you? A large piece can be broken down and “reincarnated” as several smaller pieces, or a lot of small unwanted items can be turned into one more impressive piece.

A worn-out engagement ring can be re-created as it was when new, or if you prefer, re-designed in a more up-to-date style.
Show us what you have, and we will be happy to discuss some possibilities.

Our clients often bring in bags of little bits-and-pieces that look like nothing, but once it is broken up and the metal is melted down, they have enough precious metal to create a beautiful new piece of jewellery!

It’s such a shame to leave precious metals and gemstones sitting in a drawer! We could turn them into something that you would enjoy wearing.
Our goldsmiths are often asked by older clients to remodel their jewellery into pieces that they can hand down to younger family members. Before you sell off those pieces with sentimental value consider having them remodelled. – Because you are supplying some or all of the materials needed for the new piece jewellery remodelling can be a very cost-effective option.

Many of the engagement rings we make feature a diamond taken from a ring that has come down the family. A ring that has already had a lifetime of wear may be too worn to last another lifetime, but the materials can be reused to make a brand-new engagement ring that keeps the sentimental value because it contains the original diamonds.

Don’t expect to find exactly the jewellery design you are looking for on this website. Tell us your ideas, and our jewellery designers can turn them into reality for you. If you can describe it, our craftsmen can probably make it.

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Bespoke jewellery designer since 1976.


Andrew is the owner and lead designer at Aurum jewellers.

Andrew Leggett’s Experience

Andrew and his team made 2 rings for me, one from scratch to my design - helped by them, the second was a remodelling. That remodelling was of a ring of my late mother's. Andrew understood the importance to me and the finished product is exquisite and gives me great pleasure on a lot of levels. The first ring was an indulgence - so very different in context.
I would not hesitate to recommend the service and quality.
Alison W


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