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Jewellery Remodelling –  New jewellery made using your own materials

Have you accumulated or inherited a collection of jewellery that you never wear?  Some pieces might be damaged or worn-out and others could be unfashionable or just not to your taste.  Jewellery remodelling could be the answer! –  We can turn those unloved items into brand-new bespoke jewellery!

For example, if you have worn-out engagement ring  we can unset the stone(s) and re-make it to look as it did when it was new. Alternatively, we can redesign it into a more up-to-date style.

Show us what you have, tell us what you would like to achieve, and we will be happy to discuss some possibilities with you.


Every case of jewellery remodelling is different, and there are many reasons for doing it.  Fashions and tastes change over the years. The jewellery you loved years ago might not be suitable today.
If you have a large dressy piece we can rework the materials to create several smaller, more wearable pieces. On the other hand, we can combine lots of insignificant bits and pieces to make something spectacular.

Older clients often commission us to remodel their jewellery into pieces to hand down to younger family members.
If you want a new piece of  custom jewellery it makes sense to unlock the value that you have tied up in un-loved pieces. Why spend hard cash on new jewellery when you have scrap gold sitting in a drawer?

Before you sell off unwanted pieces why not consider having them redesigned? – Jewellery remodelling can be a very cost-effective option. Because you are supplying the materials needed for the new piece, you only pay for our labour. If there is some gold left over you can use it to offset the labour cost.


Do you own pieces of jewellery that hold great sentimental value, but are never worn for one reason or another?
It’s such a shame to leave precious metals and gemstones sitting in a drawer! You can give your unworn jewellery a new lease of life! Let our expert goldsmiths rework those unloved pieces into a beautiful piece of jewellery that you will enjoy wearing and retains the sentimental value.

Many of the bespoke engagement rings we make feature a diamond taken from a piece of jewellery that has come down the family. A ring that has already had a lifetime of wear may be too worn to last another lifetime. However, we can set the stones into a brand-new ring that retains the sentimental value. If you have inherited jewellery that is not your style, talk to us about using it to make something you can enjoy wearing.



Every piece of jewellery is made of materials. It might be just precious metal like gold or platinum, or it might include diamonds or other stones. If you bring us items of jewellery that you are thinking of having remodelled we have to take a good look at them to see exactly what the material content is. We check the types of metals and weigh them to establish how many grams  of which carats of gold or what grade of platinum or palladium you might have. We examine any stones to find out what they are, what sizes, and what condition they are in. Sometimes stones are too worn or damaged to be worth using.
Next we need to know what sort of item or items you would like to have made. If you don’t have any firm ideas this is something we discuss. We’ll tell you if your idea is achievable using the materials you have. If you don’t have enough gold we can supply whatever is needed to make up the shortfall. We can also supply extra stones es required. Once we have worked out how much time it would take to create your item using your materials plus the cost of any additional materials that might be needed we can calculate a price for you.


Generally, the more valuable the materials you have, the more cost-effective jewellery remodelling is. A lot of the jewellery we redesign features diamonds. Sometimes we use the diamonds from one piece to produce a few smaller items that can be given or bequeathed to several family members. Often a large inherited piece of diamond jewellery is split up and shared between siblings.



As specialist bespoke jewellers, we work with individual clients to create unique jewellery to their specifications.  Jewellery remodelling is actually a big part of what we do. The only difference to making any other custom jewellery commission is that the customer supplies some or all of the materials.
People often bring in bags of little bits-and-pieces of gold jewellery. We unset any stones, melt-down the metal, and use the materials to create a beautiful new piece of jewellery!


At Aurum jewellers we offer a free design consultation to anyone interested in commissioning a piece of bespoke jewellery. This includes anyone who has jewellery to be redesigned. We’ll listen to your requirements and take alook at the items you have. You might be unsure about what your items are and whether they are suitable to be remodelled. Maybe you aren’t sure whether it’s real jewellery or just costume jewellery. If you bring in whatever you have we’ll be happy to give you expert advice about turning those unwanted pieces into brand-new jewellery that you’ll love to wear.

Speak to one of the skilled goldsmiths and jewellery-designers at Aurum designer-jewellers. With a wealth of experience in creating bespoke jewellery for clients across the UK and Worldwide, our craftsmen will be delighted to discuss your requirements.

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Bespoke jewellery designer since 1976.


Andrew is the owner and lead designer at Aurum jewellers.

Andrew Leggett’s Experience

Andrew and his team made 2 rings for me, one from scratch to my design - helped by them, the second was a remodelling. That remodelling was of a ring of my late mother's. Andrew understood the importance to me and the finished product is exquisite and gives me great pleasure on a lot of levels. The first ring was an indulgence - so very different in context.
I would not hesitate to recommend the service and quality.
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