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If you are considering commissioning a piece of jewellery, we invite you to book a design-consultation to discuss what you have in mind.

Commissioning a unique piece of custom-made jewellery is an exciting experience.

You can have as much creative input as you wish in the design process. It all starts with the consultation. The purpose is for us to get a clear understanding of your requirements so that we can give you the best possible advice. It is not like buying a piece of jewellery off-the-shelf. Your piece does not exist yet. First we have to imagine it, and then, if you decide to order, we have to create it.

So many possibilities to consider….

During the course of the consultation it is likely that various options will become arise. The great thing about designing a piece of jewellery from scratch is that there are so many possibilities. There is usually more than one way to tackle any design. Each will have its particular pros and cons, and our goldsmith will explain these to you. Once we know exactly what you have in mind we will look at the best method of achieving it for you.

Custom made engagement rings

Becoming engaged is an important moment in anyone’s Life. When you opt for a bespoke engagement ring you have the chance to get involved in the design-process. It takes a little more thought than picking from a tray of ready-made rings, but the result is so much more personal and special.

Bespoke wedding rings

If you are planning a wedding you’ll probably give a lot of thought to all those little touches that will make your day that little bit different. When it comes to the rings there is no need to limit your choice to the standard ranges that are generally available. You can design your own unique wedding rings. Even if you want a very straightforward plain wedding ring there are lots of things you can do to make it unique. When you come for a wedding ring consultation you can have as much creative input as you wish. Whether you arrive with a clear idea in mind or you are searching for inspiration we’ll present you with lots of choices. You’ll have complete control over every aspect of the design. We have a wealth of experience of helping couples to achieve their perfect wedding rings.

Expert help from a skilled goldsmith

If you have never done it before, commissioning a piece of jewellery can seem daunting prospect but don’t forget; it is what we do every day and we are there to guide you through the whole process. We don’t have sales staff so you deal direct with one of the goldsmiths from our workshop. This means you’ll get friendly expert advice from someone who really understands jewellery.

Make your own wedding ring?

Exchanging wedding rings that you designed yourselves is a lovely personal touch. However, we certainly don’t suggest that you attempt to make your own wedding rings. There is a trend for couples to make their own rings but as goldsmiths we know it isn’t as simple as it looks. It takes years of training to make jewellery to a professional standard. – It is not something you can learn overnight. When a goldsmith is learning he or she will practice on cheaper materials before being let loose on gold or platinum. The thought of couples with no experience at all being thrown in at the deep end with a lump of platinum is quite scary! After all, would you consider making your own wedding dress or suit? Unless you are a seamstress or a tailor, it is highly unlikely! Are you going to make your own wedding cake? Probably not, and we suggest you don’t consider making your own wedding rings unless you are a jeweller. In the same way that you might commission a professional dress-designer or a wedding cake-maker you can work with a one of our goldsmiths, to design your own wedding rings. Let us turn your ideas into reality! You’ll be wearing your wedding ring for the rest of your life. – It needs to be right.

If you can’t find the jewellery you are looking for talk to us!

If you have an idea for a piece of jewellery but you just can’t find what you are looking for, we can create it for you. The first step is to book a consultation. Just give us a call
You can be involved at every stage, bringing to life your very own design. We work with you, listening to your ideas, offering suggestions and expert advice

We’ll listen to your initial ideas, and discuss possibilities, and fine-tune the design. Once we have established exactly what materials will be needed and how much labour will be involved in creating the piece, we are able to quote prices.

We make no charge for a design-consultation and there is absolutely no obligation for you to purchase anything.

Please fill in the form, or even better, call us so we can tell you about available appointment slots.

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