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If you are considering commissioning a piece of jewellery, we would like to invite you to book a design consultation with one of the goldsmiths from our workshop.

Commissioning a unique piece of jewellery is an exciting experience. You can have as much creative input as you wish in the  design process.

The process starts with a design consultation. This is a meeting at our showroom with one of the skilled goldsmiths from our workshop. The purpose is for us to get a clear understanding of your requirements so that we can give you the best possible advice.  During the course of the consultation it is likely that various options will become apparent. The great thing about designing a piece of jewellery from scratch is that there are so many possibilities.  There are always numerous ways of tackling any design. each will have its particular pros and cons, and our goldsmith will explain these to you.

Once we know exactly what you have in mind we will look at the best method of achieving it for you.

You can be involved at every stage, bringing to life your very own design. We work with you, listening to your ideas, offering suggestions and expert advice.

We’ll listen to your initial ideas, and discuss possibilities, and fine-tune the design. Once we have established exactly what materials will be needed and how much labour will be involved in creating the piece, we are able to quote prices.

We make no charge for a design consultation and there is absolutely no obligation for you to purchase anything.

Please fill in the form below, or even better, call us so we can tell you about available appointment slots.

Tel: 01903 207944

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Take a look at what sets us apart from the high street retailer. You are in safe hands with our expert goldsmiths.

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Our Design Process

Our design process. We outline the steps in turning your ideas into a beautiful piece of Bespoke Jewellery.
It's really quite simple!

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