Wedding Ring FAQs Wedding Ring FAQs Wedding Ring FAQs

Wedding Ring FAQs – We answer the questions we hear all the time about wedding rings.

Q. How much do your wedding rings cost?

A. The price of a ring is calculated, taking into account the cost of materials and labour needed to create it. This is really one of those “How long is a piece of string? questions!
Most jewellers sell mass-produced rings made using moulds so each ring of a given style will have exactly the same material and labour content. This means the jeweller can have a list-price. By contrast, we make all our wedding rings on a one-off basis which means each one will be different. Working in this way means we can tailor a piece to suit the pocket of the customer. By tweaking the dimensions we can alter the amount of gold or platinum in a ring in order to hit a particular price-point.
We offer a free design consultation so that we can discuss designs and calculate prices.

See our Prices page.

Q. How long does it take to make a Wedding Ring?

A. There is no fixed lead-time. We don’t make rings in the order that we receive the orders from customers. – We make them so that they are ready for when they are needed. Every customer is working to their own time-frame. – Some couples are very organised and order their rings to two years before their big day. On the other hand some people don’t think about their rings until a month before the wedding. Most orders fall somewhere between these extremes.

When you place an order we agree a date for your ring(s) to be finished. Most customers like to collect their rings between one and three months before the wedding day.
If you think about when you want to have your rings and then allow us six to eight weeks to make them, this will give you an indication of when you need to place your order.

We sometimes get last-minute orders when we have as little as a week to make a pair of rings, but we really do prefer to have as long as you can give us. – Ordering close to the wedding day puts added pressure on you, and on us!

Please bear in mind that certain times of year are busier than others. Spring-Summer is the peak time for wedding rings and the run-up to Christmas is an extra busy period, but other times are not predictable. During these times we may be unable to fit in last-minute orders.

The best thing is to phone us for a chat about your requirements. Once we know what you would like, we can give you an idea of the lead time needed to create it.

Q. Which metals do you work in?

A. We work mostly in platinum, gold and palladium, but we sometimes also work in titanium and silver.

Q. What is the difference between platinum and white gold?

A. Platinum is a naturally white metal which is very tough and hard-wearing. White gold a cheaper alternative to platinum. It is made by alloying pure gold with other metals to make it as white as possible, but it is not a “clean” white, and is normally electro-plated with rhodium to make it look as white as platinum. This is very thin, and sooner or later (often within months) it will start to wear off, revealing the dirty off-white colour of the white gold. White gold is much less hard-wearing than platinum. Many of the white-metal wedding rings we make these days are in Palladium, which is a “platinum group ” metal. It looks virtually identical to platinum, and is almost as hard-wearing, but comes at a price comparable to that of white gold.

Q. Should wedding rings match?

A. There is no law that says they must, but many couples like the idea of matching rings.
Assuming both partners like the same style this is fine. If you have very different finger-sizes you could opt for the same style in different proportions. – Men usually have bigger fingers, so a heavier, more masculine version of the brides ring would be appropriate. However, if you like totally different styles, each partner could go for what they like.
This is something we discuss when you come for a design consultation.

Q. I have a picture of a design that I like. – Can you copy it?

A. It depends. If you have a picture taken from a magazine or the catalogue of another jeweller, the answer is normally NO. Some styles are so generic and classic that there are no copyright issues, but most designs are the intellectual property of someone (normally the designer or the company advertising the product), and as such are subject to copyright.

However, you are welcome to show us pictures to give us the general feel for what you are hoping to achieve. We can use these as inspiration for a new design, or as a starting point for discussions about your requirements.

Q. What sort of guarantee do you offer on your rings?

A. Where we supplied all the materials in a ring we offer a full 25 year guarantee against any problem arising as a result of faulty materials or workmanship. If we use your materials our guarantee applies only to workmanship.
If any work is necessary, it must be carried out by ourselves. This includes re-sizing. If anyone else works on the ring your guarantee will be voided.
You can bring your ring to us for a free annual clean and check-up.

Q. If I place an order, how do you accept payment? Do I have to pay the whole price up-front?

A. When you place an order we require a non-refundable deposit of at least 25% of the total before we commence work.
The balance is payable before you collect or we post to you your finished piece of jewellery. Some customers like to make interim payments over the phone using a card.
You can pay by credit card, debit card, electronic bank transfer or cash.

If you have a question about wedding rings that we have not answered please just give us a call on 01903 207944


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