a collection of textured wedding rings

Textured Wedding Rings

We can create almost any texture you can imagine. Here are just a few examples of textured wedding rings from our stock…

hammered textured wedding rings

Hammered texture is one of the most recognizable. We have many different hammers in all kinds of shapes and sizes to create the perfect texture for you.

nugget textured wedding rings

This texture is meant to look like a natural nugget of gold. We create this bumpy, nugget texture using different size and different shaped burrs.

organic textured wedding rings

These 18ct yellow gold rings have been inlaid with platinum shapes. We use a mixture of metals in many of our designs to create texture and patterns.

hammered and burred texture wedding rings

This is one of our most popular textures for gents wedding rings. The rough texture is good for people who have an active lifestyle and put their hands and jewellery through a lot. Any dents or scratches put onto the ring over time will blend into the rough texture and become a part of the design!

textured bangles and wedding rings

We can also texture other pieces of jewellery to match the texture of your wedding rings! Here we have some solid silver bangles we have made using the same texturing techniques that we use for many of our wedding rings. It is always nice to have jewellery that matches!


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