Planning your wedding budget

Planning Your Wedding Budget

“Budget” can be a dreaded word for many couples when starting to plan their special day. The average wedding costs from £20,000- £25,000, but of course, the cost can be tweaked according to how extravagant your plans are.

The key is to set a clear idea very early on about what is important for you and your partner, and where you want to spend your money. Then, as the planning, booking and spending gets underway, our biggest tip is to get a firm price from your wedding vendors, and stay in touch to see if everything is going to plan and staying on budget.

Every couple will have different priorities, so your list might look very different to ours, but here are a few suggestions as a guide about how to start dividing up your money.  We thought £23,000 is a nice middle ground, so here is our budget breakdown.


Wedding ring budget

  • Marry during the “off” season – wedding venues usually offer lower rates between November and April.
  • Using the same venue for your ceremony and reception – this will cut the cost of transportation, and also you won’t have to decorate two venues!
  • Spend money on what you actually want… not what you think you should have! – Do away with the over-the-top table centre-pieces if you want a small intimate feel or wedding traditions that don’t matter to you.
  • “Do it yourself”. – You can save  a lot of money and have fun  making your own place-settings and favours.
  • Enter competitions at wedding fairs – Many exhibitors will have prize draws or competitions for you to enter. Take a chance… you might just win that exotic honeymoon trip!
  • “Recycle” your flowers – Use your flowers in different places throughout the day. Bring them from the ceremony and use them as table decorations
  • Put a cap on the bar – Maybe set an allocated time in the day where there is an open bar, or just have  bottles of wine on each table! Some venues allow you to supply your own alcohol, and even if they charge corkage you can make big savings.


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