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Planning for great wedding day photography

Your wedding photographs are going to last you a lifetime so you want to make sure you end up with images you treasure, that evoke the emotions and joy of the day. Finding a photographer who you like and whose style you love is vital…

Black and White wedding photograph

It sounds obvious but if you want your photos to have a natural documentary style and you end up with someone who wants to pose you and control the situation, you’re not going to get the photos you want. Make sure you see full weddings a photographer has shot, not just the best website pictures, talk through your day and what is important to you before you book.

Finding the right photographer is a great start, but key to great wedding photography is planning.

Planning and discussing your plans for the day, and crucially your timings, with your photographer beforehand means that on the day you can focus on your wedding and your guests knowing the photography is being taken care of. Ideally, meet up with your photographer at the venue shortly before your wedding, so you can go through the running order and discuss aspects of the photography.

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Some great shots of just the two of you will be beautiful – so make sure you allow enough time for them as well as thinking about the best location. And if you would like group shots be realistic about how long they will take. It is really important not to have unrealistic expectations about what can be fitted into the time available. Each group shot will take between 3-4 minutes, so five groups will take 20 minutes and ten groups will take 40 minutes. If you only want to spend 20-30 minutes doing group shots then it is best to choose about five to six groups to shoot. In my opinion, six group shots are ideal. Guests will enjoy the photos and it will show. More than six can start to get a bit dull, particularly if the same people are in
each with lots of variations of the same shot.

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photo by Neil Walker

black and white wedding photo

Wedding group photo by Neil Walker

casual wedding photo by Neil Walker

Ultimately, if you have chosen a good wedding photographer, you will get good advice. It is your day, but I always see it as an important part of my job to share my experience and help make it the fantastic event it should be.

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Neil Walker Wedding Photographer

Neil began his career as an advertising and corporate photographer, working all over the world. He moved into weddings after shooting a relative’s wedding and discovering how much he loved it. Based in Sussex, Neil works throughout the South East and UK, as well as shooting destination weddings, particularly in Italy.

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