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Textured Wedding Rings

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Textured wedding rings

Although wedding rings traditionally have a polished finish, textured wedding rings are extremely popular, especially with men. Most women have an engagement ring with a polished finish, so they naturally opt for a wedding ring to match. As the engagement ring is the main focus, the wedding ring is in a supporting role, and does not need to make much of a statement.

Men’s wedding rings are a different story. There are several reasons that many men chose textured wedding rings.


You might consider going for textured wedding ring because you find a texture more interesting than a polished band, or it could be for practical reasons.

Men’s textured wedding rings

Very few men wear an engagement ring, so their men’s wedding rings don’t have to match anything. This means men are generally free to go for any finish they like.
For some men their wedding ring is their first ever ring, and even the only item of jewellery they’ll ever wear, and they want to take the opportunity to express their personality in the design.

Choose a textured wedding ring for practical reasons

It is a generalization but men do tend to be a bit tougher on their jewellery than women. If a man does a manual job his ring will be subjected to all sorts of mistreatment that will put dents and/or scratches into the surface. This sort of surface damage is far less obvious on a textured ring as any marks blend in with the texture and become part of the design.

A texture can look more masculine

Many men feel that a shiny polished ring is too ostentatious and even feminine. A rugged texture looks more masculine, and if it is also matte, it is much more low-key. For a man who does not generally wear jewellery a texture is the best choice.

Designing a textured wedding ring

A texture is generally the last stage in the production process, and can be applied to any style of ring. We encourage clients to think about the width and depth of the ring first. It can be a perfectly straight band, or have any shape or contour. Once this is established you can consider which textures are most suitable. After the textured has been applied a ring can then be polished or given a matte finish.

How we add a texture

As our rings are bespoke, nothing is standard. If you are looking for a particular effect we can use a range of different techniques and tools to achieve the look you have in mind. We generally use traditional hand tools such as hammers and punches. The texture is produced by hitting the ring with something. The effect produced depends largely on what you are hitting it with and how hard you hit it! A hammer-finish can be small and subtle or large and more obvious. Other textures can be produced using drills and burrs similar to those used by dentists.

His and Hers wedding rings with textures

Many couples like the idea of having matching wedding rings. So how does this work with textures? Well, it’s often just a case of scale. We can make a small narrow lady’s wedding ring with a fine texture and scale it up to suit the groom’s hand, making a bigger, wider band with a heavier texture. They are not identical, but they do match one another at the same time as suiting the hand of each partner.

The pictures on this page are just to give a little inspiration. Endless variations are possible. Our Organic Wedding Rings page shows some more examples of textured wedding rings.

Our Organic Wedding Rings page shows some more examples of textured wedding rings.

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  • textured wedding ring Description
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  • bark textured wedding ring Description

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