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You might be surprised at just how much variety there is in perfectly plain wedding bands.

Plain Wedding Bands

Many of the bespoke wedding rings we make are really simple plain bands. There are so many possible permutations that the chances of finding the perfect ring off the shelf are pretty slim.


You can choose the exact width and depth of your ring and specify the individual characteristics of each surface, flat, convex, concave, with crisp corners, rounded or beveled. The finish can be highly polished, matte, hammer-textured, or given any texture you wish.

Most of our designer wedding rings go through the stage of being a plain band, that we then work on.

Plain wedding bands can be personalized in many different ways. – It can be engraved on the outside or the inside. The engraving can be anything you wish – text or a design. An engraved wedding ring could have a complex scroll design or just a simple line cut around the ring. You might want the wedding date engraved on your wedding ring. The date in roman numerals can be engraved around the outside of a wedding ring, or you might prefer to leave the outside plain and have the date in script engraveded on the inside of the band.

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