Organic Wedding Rings

striking designs with unique textures
individually created just for you…

pair of organice wedding rings in gold and platinum

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Each one is individually designed and handmade in platinum, palladium or gold.
Although we carry several examples in stock, most of the organic rings we sell are bespoke, and they often look very different to stock rings shown here. The possibilities are endless.

We don’t just offer a limited range of textures. If you have a mental image of the effect you would like, our goldsmiths can use all sorts of tools and techniques to achieve the look, providing you a totally unique wedding ring design.

Often we’ll start by creating the form of the ring. – This could involve carving the shape from a plain band, or building it up by welding together pieces of precious metal. Then we add a texture. This might involve hammering, filing or grinding the surface, or maybe all of these techniques. Sometimes we’ll combine different precious metals. – Maybe we’ll add some touches of yellow gold to a platinum ring, or vice versa.

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  • yellow gold matte textured ring with inlaid platinum shapes Description
  • Platinum organic matte textured ring with shapes Description
  • platinum organic textured wedding ring with polished shapes Description
  • Platinum organic wedding ring Description
  • yellow gold a platinum organic texture rings with inlaid shapes Description

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