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Carved Wedding Rings

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Our carved wedding rings are not for everyone

If you like unusual wedding rings and want something that stands out, carved wedding rings just might be for you!

They are most popular as men’s wedding rings, and they appeal to those who want something “a bit different”.

This style can also be suitable as a lady’s wedding ring for someone who does not have an engagement ring. – If set with diamonds it can serve a a combined engagement-wedding ring.

You can choose platinum, palladium or gold, or a combination of metals. We always start by making a straight wedding band that is slightly wider than the desired finished width. We then carve the band using traditional hand-tools such as files and burrs. We work directly in the metal rather than carving a ring from wax and casting it, because the resulting ring is more durable.
hand carved wedding rings


The carving can be as subtle or as dramatic as you wish, and with the profile you prefer.

Once we have achieved the effect we want, we can finish your ring in various ways. You might prefer it simply polished or matted, or you might like a texture, maybe a hammered or engraved finish. Alternatively, you might want to take it further. – How about inlaid stripes of another metal, or diamonds, or even both?

Most of the designs shown on this website as conventional straight wedding rings can also be made as carved wedding versions.

Contact us today for more information about carved wedding rings, or to arrange a free design-consultation to discuss ideas for your bespoke wedding rings with one of our goldsmiths.

  • carved wedding ring in matte platinum with inlaid red gold stripes Description
  • matte red gold carved wedding ring with inlaid platinum stripes Description
  • matte red gold carved wedding ring Description
  • platinum carved wedding ring Description
  • matte yellow gold carved wedding ring with scattered diamonds Description
  • red gold carved wedding ring with platinum stripes and scattered diamonds Description
  • gold carved wedding ring with inlayed gold and platinum stripes Description
  • gold carved wedding ring with inlaid platinum stripes Description

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