Jewellery Remodelling FAQs

Jewellery Remodelling FAQs – We answer the questions we hear all the time about remodelling your jewellery.

Q. Can you remodel old family jewellery into new pieces?

A. Yes. If you have gold or platinum jewellery that you don’t wear for some reason but that has sentimental value to you, we can use the precious metal to make something that you can wear. You keep it in the family but in a different form.

Q. How does the remodelling process work?
A. Each job is different but essentially, we take apart your jewellery, melt down the metal and use it to make a new piece. If your items contain diamonds or other gemstones the first stage is to remove them. They can be set into your new piece, or we can return them to you. Sometimes we break up a large item and make it into several smaller pieces, and sometimes we combine the materials from lots of small pieces to make one piece

Q. How much does it cost to remodel an item of jewellery?
A. This is a question that is only possible to answer after we have seen what you have and discussed in detail what you would like to have made with the materials. The price of any piece of jewellery is determined by the cost of the materials that we need to supply and the amount of labour that would be needed to make it. If you are supplying all of the materials then we will only be charging for our labour. If you don’t have enough material to make the item we can supply whatever precious metal is needed. see page.

Q.  How long does it take to remodel a piece of jewellery?
A. There is no simple answer. It depends on various things, like how busy we happen to be at the time, and whether we have to source particular stones.
The best thing is to come for a free design consultation.  Once we know what is wanted, we can give you an idea of the lead time needed to create it.

Q. What happens to any left-over materials?
A. When making jewellery you generally need to start out with more weight of precious metal than you end up with. It is likely there will be some off-cuts. This material can be returned to you for a future project, or we can take it at scrap value against the labour cost. Any left-over stones will also be returned.

Q. What if I don’t have enough precious metal to make the item I want?
A. We can supply extra gold of platinum, or maybe some diamonds or other gems if required. We discuss this at the design stage and quote for supplying additional material.

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