Ring Size

How to find out your partner’s ring size without them knowing

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by our customers, so we’ve put together some of the best tips and tricks…

Find your partner’s ring size approximately

To begin with, take a look at the main tactics below…

  • Have him/her try on a ring that you’re pretending to buy for a family member
  • Ask one of his/her friends
  • Borrow one of his/her rings and take it to a jeweller
  • Trace one of his/her rings on a piece of paper and take it to a jeweller
  • Have him/her try one of her friends rings on
  • Compare your finger size to his/hers
  • Ask him/her

Find out your finger size

Request a ring sizer

Most jewellers or jewellery retailers can provide ring sizers so you can easily measure your ring size at home.

Be subtle

If you are set on a surprise proposal, but you still want to know the correct ring size, then you could try asking your partner in a subtle way. You could pretend that you’re buying a ring for a friend or family member, so make sure that the pretend recipient is someone whose hands are similar in size to your partner. You could casually ask them what their ring size is for your reference.

Ask their friends

A good way to find out their ring size is to ask one of their friends, or maybe her mother or a sister. If their friend doesn’t know straight away, they could be the one to find out the information. You could ask the friend to take your partner ring shopping and then report back to you with ideas.

Borrow one of their rings

You could try and borrow one of the rings they have, but be careful how you do this as it could backfire. Try and borrow a ring that they wear on the ring finger. If you can’t do this, the same finger on the right hand will a close approximation of what size her/his ring finger will be. If you choose this option then make sure that you choose a ring which isn’t overly important and they won’t notice that it’s gone missing!

Trace the inside of the ring

If you’re worried you may lose the borrowed ring,  you could trace the ring on some paper and the diameter can be worked out from the sketch. Use a very sharp pencil, and make sure you get the point as close to the ring as possible.

Get help from a friend

Should one of your partner’s friends be engaged, simply ask her friend to let your partner try on the ring, this could give you a range size to start out with. This is also a great opportunity to ask what they think of their friends ring.

Compare your fingers

This may be a bit more difficult, but desperate times call for desperate measures, when you’re holding their hand, you could see if one of their fingers is the same size as yours. This method isn’t amazingly accurate but the more information you can get, the better.


Sometimes you just want to forget about doing things the hard way and take the straightforward route, if you and your partner have been discussing marriage for some time, then you could ask them outright what their ring size is.


The only accurate way to confirm a ring size is to have it measured by a jeweller in person. Using the methods above can still provide a good approximation, so don’t worry.

Custom engagement rings from Aurum Jewellers

When it comes to designing a bespoke engagement ring,  it is worth considering bringing your partner in so we can measure their finger size properly. If you prefer to keep the element of surprise, just use one of the tips above. If you are lucky it might give you the perfect measurement, but if not,  we can re-size the ring  after you have proposed, and we can measure the finger accurately.

Engagement ring facts

  • Your dominant hand tends to be slightly bigger than the other hand
  • Wider rings have a tighter fit than thinner bands, so this also needs to be considered when it comes to finding out a ring size



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