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As well as designing and making new items of jewellery, we also undertake jewellery restoration and repairs.

Whether it is the result of an accident or just wear-and-tear,  problems sometimes arise with a piece of jewellery that require attention from an expert.

We carry out all sorts of restoration, repair and refurbishment work to precious jewellery.

We take on all sorts of jewellery repairs ranging from minor jobs, such as straightening a bent claw, through to much more extensive work involving rebuilding worn areas and replacing lost parts. Often a piece that appears to be damaged beyond repair can be rescued.
Sometimes a problem appears much worse than it really is, and som minor refurbishment will return your item to its former glory.

If you spot a problem with a piece of your jewellery it is best to deal with it straight away. Don’t just ignore it and carry on wearing the item.  Remember – “A stitch in time saves nine”.

If we catch it at an early stage we can often carry out a fairly simple repair that will prevent the problem from developing into something that is much more complex and costly to sort out. If you notice a stone is loose don’t wait until it falls out and is lost! We can tighten or perhaps re-tip the claws so that the stone is safe.

We replace lost stones.

If you do lose a diamond or other gemstone we can find a suitable replacement. We’ll also check that any other stones are safe in their settings.

When it is a case of accidental damage, including loss of a gemstone, it might be possible to make an insurance claim. (You cannot insure against wear-and-tear). We would be pleased to take a look at the damage and supply a written estimate for your insurance company. The claim must be made and settlement agreed before any work is carried out.

Our goldsmiths love sorting out problems with clients’ much-loved pieces, and returning them to their former glory.

Do you have a piece of precious jewellery that is in need of attention?  We would be delighted to take a look at it and advise you on what needs to be done. Please call to arrange an appointment with one of our highly-skilled goldsmiths.

It was fantastic to get my Nan’s ring back…

“I wanted to say how grateful I am for the amazing job you did on my ring. I was devastated when the ring I inherited from my Nan fell apart. It was fantastic to get my Nan’s ring back, looking better than I can ever remember! I shall definitely recommend you to my friends.”
Jess D

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