Jewellery designer and maker since 1975.


Andrew Leggett is the owner of Aurum designer-jewellers. He has spent his entire working life in fine jewellery, as a jewellery designer, diamond-mounter and goldsmith.

  • 1975
    Andrew originally entered the jewellery trade by chance, having left school aged 18 after his A-levels, without any real idea of what he wanted to do for a living, except that it should be something creative. He had a place to the local Art College, and when by chance he took a summer-job at a local jewellery manufacturer, he had no idea that this would develop into his career. Within a few weeks thoughts of Art College were abandoned, and Andrew ended up staying with this first employer for about a year.
  • 1977
    There followed a further eighteen months with another local jeweller, making standard 9ct gold jewellery, but Andrew wanted to become involved in modern jewellery, so at the age of twenty he wrote to top jewellery designer John Donald, and secured a job in his London workshop, learning how to hand-make contemporary jewellery in 18ct gold, diamonds and coloured gemstones. Clients included many celebrities and members of the Royal family. After four years with John Donald, it was time to move on again, and Andrew got a position in the workshop of Geoffrey Turk, who produced contemporary art-jewellery of his own, and also undertook commissions from many top West End jewellers.
  • 1979
    During the following six years Andrew worked on a huge variety of jewellery, costing from thousands, to tens and even hundreds of thousands of pounds. The items he was making were all one-off pieces; each one effectively a prototype, throwing up problems and technical challenges that had to be overcome. This type of work stretches a craftsman’s abilities, and gives the confidence to tackle all sorts of design challenges.
  • 1985
    After ten years in this sort of environment, and tired of commuting daily to London from his home on the South Coast, Andrew set up a shop and workshop near Worthing town centre, trading as Aurum. Now it was possible to walk to work, and to see more of his young children.
  • 2001
    In 2001 Aurum moved to slightly larger premises, which allowed Andrew to take on two craftsmen to work alongside him.

    The workshop is still the heart of the business. At least 80% of Aurum’s business is made up of commissions, rather than sales from stock.

    Originally all jewellery produced by Andrew Leggett Ltd was retailed through Aurum designer-jewellers in Worthing, and Andrew never considered selling his work elsewhere, but the popularity of Andrew Leggett’s signature style engagement ring known as the Flick © encouraged him to make this particular range available to other retailers. This is sold under the Andrew Leggett brand.
  • 2016
    After more than 30 years in business Andrew continues to create stylish contemporary jewellery using traditional goldsmithing and diamond-mounting techniques, and has recently embraced CAD technology in order to utilise the advantages of both age-old skills and cutting edge technology.

Aurum made our bands for us 25 years ago this year! I found the receipt recently and I'm so pleased we chose Andrew to make them. Apart from a few little scratches, there's hardly any wear and they are as thick and solid as the day we picked them up. I've never bored of the design, it's classic and a lovely piece of jewellery.
Nicola Ward


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