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Aurum designer-jewellers in Worthing, West Sussex is a  is a jewellery business specialising in handmade engagement rings and wedding rings.   For more than thirty years we have been creating handmade engagement rings  for discerning clients, not just from Sussex  but from right across the UK.



Whereas normal retail jewellers will try to sell you a ring that they have in stock, Aurum will make the ring that you want.
Yes, we do occasionally sell a ring from stock, but we really specialise in creating handmade one-off engagement rings for individual customers.   We believe the  best way to buy a an engagement ring is to deal direct with the craftsman who will make it.     This is why we don’t employ sales-people. – If you come to our showroom for a design-consultation you will speak to one of the skilled designer-goldsmiths from our on-site workshop.


When you opt for a bespoke engagement ring anything is possible! First we listen to any initial ideas you might have about the design. We can then focus our discussions on ideas that are appropriate for you. We’ll do sketches and probably illustrate ideas by showing similar features on rings in our stock. Gradually, between us we’ll come  up with a design that is perfect for you. Naturally, we’ll talk about the diamond or other gems that you would like in the ring. Sometimes we’ll have exactly the right stone in our stock, but if not, we can have a selection of suitable stones sent to us for you to view. Because we start from scratch we are able to tailor the design to suit the budget of the individual customer.

 Contemporary Handmade Engagement Rings from Aurum jewellers

At Aurum designer-jewellers we have a “signature style” of engagement ring that was developed by our lead-designer Andrew Leggett.  The Flick engagement ring is what you might thing of as a”Contemporary Classic”. We find that the Flick design appeals to those people seeking an engagement ring that’s a a different to the styles found in virtually every retail jeweller. Customers searching for ideas for their own  engagement ring often find inspiration in the  selection of handmade engagement rings that we have in our stock. Features from different rings can be combined to create a unique ring.  Flick Engagement Ring 

The Infinity Engagement Ring is another engagement ring that is unique to us.

If you prefer more classic styles  take a look at our  “Unique”  engagement rings page.

If you want something totally different to anything we have in stock. – That’s not a problem. With decades of experience of producing unique handmade rings for individual clients, we have the experience to work in any style you wish.

Sussex  jewellers

We happen to be based in Sussex, but we are not  just a “local jeweller”. Over the years we have worked with many clients from East Sussex and West Sussex, but we actually get far more clients from outside the locality.  Many people from London come to Worthing to purchase their engagement ring from us rather than go to Hatton Garden. Others come from across the UK and Worldwide.

Since 1985 we have been creating bespoke jewellery of all kinds. Over the years we have acquired an enviable reputation for the originality and the quality of our work. Our highly-skilled goldsmiths design and hand-make each piece in our workshop which is situated above the showroom. We supply GIA certificated diamonds of all sizes and qualities, as required.

For more information, take a look at our guides The Design Process and Choosing a Diamond for your Engagement Ring.

For handmade engagement rings in Sussex  choose Aurum

When shopping for an engagement ring don’t limit your choice to the factory-made rings on the High Street! Aurum jewellers can design and produce a handmade engagement ring  just for you in our Worthing workshop!

Why not book a free design-consultation to discuss ideas with one of our goldsmiths?   You can have a hand in the design process. Whether you are intending to surprise your partner or are shopping as a couple, we’ll lead you gently through the design process. Some people arrive with a clear idea in mind, and others are just looking for inspiration. Everyone is different.  We start every consultation by listening to your ideas. There’s no rush.  – We’ll spend as much time as it takes to design a ring that is perfect for you. We offer you helpful suggestions and expert advice you need.

For inspiration take a look at our engagement ring images showing pieces we have made for customers.

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If you have a question about handmade engagement rings in Sussex please give us a call.

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Andrew is the owner and lead designer at Aurum jewellers.

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