A group of fitted wedding rings

Do You Need A Fitted Wedding Ring?

If your engagement ring does not have straight sides you may find that it will not sit comfortably with a straight wedding ring, which could cause wear-and-tear to both rings. To overcome this you should consider getting a fitted wedding ring, also known as a shaped wedding ring, to fit perfectly alongside your engagement ring.

an engagement ring shown with a straight wedding band and then a fitted wedding ring

What is a fitted wedding ring?

A fitted wedding ring follows the shape of your engagement ring, swerving around any protrusions and eliminating gaps between the two rings. With no gaps between the fitted wedding ring and the engagement ring, you’ll find the overall effect is more elegant and more comfortable. This style of wedding ring limits the scope of movement between the two rings, reducing friction, and resulting in less wear-and-tear to both rings.

An unusual engagement ring with a fitted wedding ring

A fitted wedding ring can be perfectly plain, but it is possible to set diamonds, inlay different materials or apply interesting textures, just as we do with straight wedding rings.  A straight wedding ring can turn on the finger, so if there are diamonds on the top only, they can move around to the side.  However, with a fitted wedding ring, the two rings interlock and cannot turn independently, the stones stay correctly aligned.

It is also possible to have a fitted wedding ring designed  to fit with the engagement ring but with a straight edge on the opposite side. This would make it easier to wear an eternity ring later on, as it would not need to be fitted.

Fitted wedding rings with a straight side

Aurum designer-jewellers offer a free design consultation with one of our skilled goldsmiths. This is your chance to discuss all aspects of your ring, including which is the most suitable metal for you, your lifestyle and your budget. Any of our wedding ring styles can be made into a fitted version.

To book your consultation phone 01903 207944. 

An engagement ring with a fitted wedding ring


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