Make a DO NOT PLAY list for your wedding


The music choice for your wedding is very important. It can be the difference between a wedding flop and a wedding success. After all, you want to keep your dance floor full all night!

Tailoring your wedding playlist to your tastes is an absolute must (it’s your wedding after all) and this most definitely should include a ‘Do not play’ list of music you can’t stand.

So let’s set the scene: it’s the reception, an absolute corker has come on and the dance floor is packed. Then the DJ drops a song that clears the dance floor in an instant and has people groaning as they make their way back to their seats. What a nightmare…




If you cringe at the thought of your guests dancing across your venue to The Conga, then it’s time to completely ditch the cheesy and overplayed ‘party hits’. You hear them enough at parties; you don’t need to endure them at your wedding too!







We have compiled a list of songs to totally avoid at your wedding, including inappropriate tunes about break ups and hits with inappropriate lyrics to help you kick-start your list. Remember, you need to consider that what your friends might think is a hilarious song…your gran might not. Of course, if you are one for cheese- by all means keep them in, just think about your poor guests!


YMCA – Village People
From experience, this seems to be the ultimate cheesy DJ’s favourite song which normally leads to groans from guests. That intro is too memorable and just grinds on our ears. Sure, when you’ve had a few, this song might sound like fun to play, but your guests who’ve attended many weddings won’t!

Celebration- Cool and the Gang

One of the worst things a DJ or band can do is to play this song right after the first dance. Yes, a wedding is a celebration, but it does not call for this song to be played. It’s been overplayed to death; your guests will expect it and the dance floor will clear if it comes on. Trust us on this one and ditch it!

Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison
An absolute classic but unfortunately overplayed. This seems to be every wedding band’s ‘Go to’ or most requested song. This means that any wedding your guests have been to, they’ve probably had to endure it too much. Do everyone a favour, take it out.

Gangnam Style – PSY
Firstly, how on earth did this song even make it to the charts? It makes us want to rip our ears out when we hear it. Secondly, no one can do the dance accurately (no matter what your uncle says, it’s not right). So why would you play it?

I Touch Myself – Divinyls
Ah the classic inappropriate song, it’s very catchy and a classic but due to its awkward lyrics we advise you to give this one a miss…seriously. You don’t want your parents to be on the dancefloor belting this one out.

U2- Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Everyone loves a bit of U2; many of their songs are classics and absolute belters. This song needs to be on your ‘do not play’ list due to its insanely inappropriate lyrics. It’s basically saying you’re not the one. Please don’t play it, it’ll really dampen the mood. We recommend Beautiful Day instead, it’s much happier.

Cha Cha Slide- DJ Casper
Many of you reading would probably argue against this and fair enough if you want it, keep it. Guests who dance to this may actually be ‘enduring’ it, quite frankly it is overplayed. Plus absolutely no one knows the correct dance move for the ‘Charlie Brown’ step, it literally changes all the time.

Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division
We would hope your band or DJ is not stupid enough to play Joy Division as a means of getting people to dance. The dulcet tones of Ian Curtis are enough to clear a dance floor not fill it! If you are lovers of Joy Division, this song is inappropriate for weddings.


Shout Out To My Ex- Little Mix
As a very popular song right now, your DJ might want to play it or even you might hope it’s played. References to anyone’s ex at a wedding are highly inappropriate, let alone a song devoted to them. Just take our advice and avoid it, there are plenty of other occasions to play it, just not at a wedding.

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me- Culture Club
The classic 80’s band; Culture Club have released some good tunes in their time. However, this song definitely should not be played at your wedding because quite frankly it’s depressing. If you’ve seen The Wedding Singer you’ll see the reactions your guests are most likely going to give. Why not instead play Karma Chameleon; it’s more upbeat and more likely to get people dancing.

Get Lucky- Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams
This song is probably one of the most overplayed songs of this era. It’s catchy, giving it every reason to be, but we can guarantee if you haven’t had enough of it, your guests will have done. So all the more reason to scrap it off your playlist entirely.

Come and do the Conga – Black Lace
There is nothing worse than being at a wedding and having to grab the hips of someone you don’t know and bounce around a wedding venue to the ‘Conga’ pretending you are enjoying it. We recommend you leave this out. It’s the DJ’s feeble attempt to force everyone out of their seats, no one really enjoys it!

Just remember that we’re not suggesting to take all of these off the playlist– perhaps just the ones that really irritate you or the songs that stink of a rather mature ‘cheesiness’. Trust us, you’ll be thanked if your guests have gone the whole night without having to do YMCA or the Conga!

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