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Diamonds have always been the most popular choice for engagement rings, and there is no shortage of diamonds on the market. So how do you choose the stone that is right for your bespoke diamond engagement ring?

Look in any jeweller’s window and you’ll almost certainly see diamond engagement rings. You might see various diamond shapes. Most diamonds are round brilliant-cuts but there are also princess-cut, pear-shape, oval, marquise or other fancy shapes.

You’ll probably see rings that look quite similar at vastly different prices. In most cases the diamond accounts for most of the value of a ring, so the variation in price is mainly down to differences in the value of the diamonds. What make one diamond worth so much more than another?

To the layman it can all be very confusing!

the four Cs – Understanding the basics of diamond grading

The value of a diamond is determined by weight and quality. – the Four Cs:-

  • Carat – weight (five carats = one gram)
  • Colour – The whiter the better (except “fancy colours” which are highly desirable)
  • Clarity – the fewer “inclusions” (or flaws) the better (when viewed through a 10X lens)
  • Cut – the shape, plus the proportions, the symmetry and the perfection of the finish.

Most of the  bespoke diamond engagement rings we produce are designed around the stone.

During a design consultation we give you all the advice you need on how to choose a diamond that is perfect for you.

We are always happy to explain what you need to consider when selecting a diamond for your engagement ring so that you can make an informed choice.


(sometimes referred to as certified diamonds)
These days many diamonds on the market come with a certificate. This means that the stone has been assessed by an independent laboratory. There are various labs that offer this service but the best-known and most popular is the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).
If you are buying a certificated diamond you need to be aware that the fact that a diamond comes with a certificate is not in itself an indication of quality. – You need to understand what the certificate actually says. – It could be telling you that it is a low-grade stone.


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