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Bespoke eternity rings in Sussex & across the UK

As jewellery designers we frequently create eternity rings for customers not just from Sussex, but from around the UK and overseas.


Commissioning a custom-made eternity ring requires a little extra thought, but it makes such a difference! Knowing that your loved one had a unique eternity designed and handmade just for you makes it even more special.

 three Eternity rings


Traditionally the eternity ring comes after the engagement ring and the wedding ring. Some people give them for a special wedding anniversary. You might choose the first wedding anniversary, or maybe the fifth, or the tenth. Eternity rings can be given to celebrate birthdays too. A “big” birthday (one that ends in a zero) is a favourite reason to give an eternity ring. Another classic reason is to celebrate the birth of a child.

Whichever occasion you choose, commissioning a bespoke eternity ring makes the gift even more special. An eternity ring traditionally sits alongside the engagement ring and wedding ring, so it’s a good idea to bear this in mind when choosing it. However, there are no rules. These days many people disregard tradition and wear the eternity ring on the right hand. In this case, it is not necessary to match the other rings.

If the ring will be worn alongside other rings, the metals should be the same.
Usually, the stones in a diamond eternity ring are much smaller than those in the engagement ring, so the engagement ring remains the main focus of attention. Some people prefer the eternity ring to be the star of the show. Everyone is different, and we design your ring to give the balance that you want.


A full eternity ring has stones set all around the band. When you turn the ring there is no beginning or end to the row of diamonds, symbolising eternity. A half-eternity ring has diamonds set on the top half only, with the back of the ring left plain.

A ring can sometimes turn on the finger, and with a half eternity ring the plain back can come to the top. With a full eternity ring the stones are always showing and there is no need to turn it back into position. There are, however, three advantages to a half eternity ring.  The area under the finger is the part of the ring to take most wear-and-tear. Keeping the diamonds on the front of the ring means the stones and their settings are less likely to be damaged. and are less subject to wear.

The plain underside of a half-eternity leaves an area that can be worked on in future. If the size of your finger changes over time, which is quite likely, an alteration can be carried out. With most full-eternity rings re-sizing is not possible. A half-eternity ring takes fewer diamonds, which can mean either that you spend less on the ring, or that can have larger diamonds for the same sort of price.

Bespoke Eternity Bands

As we design and make eternity rings to commission, we are able to offer not just full eternity and half eternity rings but also, say, 60% or 70% eternity rings where the diamonds go slightly past the half-way point, This allowing for some turning of the ring on the finger before plain metal starts to show.

In our experience brilliant-cut and princess-cut diamonds cut are most popular for a classic eternity ring. Baguette diamonds are often used too. For something a bit different and contemporary, you could consider a mixture of cuts. If you want something really unusual you might like marquise diamonds or perhaps pear-shape diamonds. We are always happy to discuss ideas. The images on this page are not there to pick from. They show a few examples of rings we have made in the past, to give a bit of inspiration.

We create custom-made eternity rings to complement individual engagement rings. Often the are shaped to fit with the engagement ring in the same way as our fitted wedding rings.


For Bespoke Eternity Rings in Sussex and across the UK, speak to the experts at Aurum designer-jewellers.

Why buy a mass-produced ring on the high street, when for a similar price you could have a unique eternity ring created just for you? Make things even more special with Aurum Designer Jewellers in Sussex.

If you have a question about bespoke eternity rings in Sussex please give us a call.

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