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A collection of opal doublets

October Birthstone: Opal

As well as being one of the birthstones for October, Opal is traditionally given as a gift for a 14th wedding anniversary. The play of colour in an Opal, called opalescence, consists of iridescent colour flashes that change with the

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A group of fitted wedding rings

Do You Need A Fitted Wedding Ring?

If your engagement ring does not have straight sides you may find that it will not sit comfortably with a straight wedding ring, which could cause wear-and-tear to both rings. To overcome this you should consider getting a

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a collection of textured wedding rings

Textured Wedding Rings

We can create almost any texture you can imagine. Here are just a few examples of textured wedding rings from our stock… Hammered texture is one of the most recognizable. We have many different hammers in all kinds of shapes and

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Planning your wedding budget

Planning Your Wedding Budget

“Budget” can be a dreaded word for many couples when starting to plan their special day. The average wedding costs from £20,000- £25,000, but of course, the cost can be tweaked according to how extravagant your plans are. The key is

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- January 23, 2019

This Sunday we'll be showing our handmade wedding rings at the Sussex Wedding Fayre at The Hawth Theatre, Crawley.… https://t.co/1RMQuLuk24
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- January 10, 2019

This Sunday we'll be showing our handmade wedding rings at the LGBT Wedding Fair at the Holiday Inn Brighton. Don'… https://t.co/JG5VSuFhSp
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- January 6, 2019

Looking for ideas for your wedding ring? We have heaps of rings to give some inspiration. These carved men's weddin… https://t.co/0EXzxZW5DJ
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